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Jodilynn and Nick are amazing people. They individualize the program to fit your needs and make it doable for anyone! They are easy to talk to and make you feel comfortable no matter what your exercise background is. My favourite are the live workouts, they both make it so much fun. I will continue to use their wide variety of services! Thanks for making healthy fun!!!!


Transformational Experience. Coaches were incredibly supportive and responsive. Enthusiasm and encouragement from other challenge members was inspirational. Positive results exceeded my expectations!


I’ve had such an amazing experience with the past two challenges with Nick and Jodilynn! It felt like I was a competing athlete again with an actual training plan to follow and it could not have been easier to follow with their help and the app! I would highly highly recommend Jodilynn and Nick to any one at any level with fitness goals!!!



"I am a male 59 years old. My wife did the Power Up Challenge last fall while I sat and watched TV and snacked on my favourite treats. I knew I should be joining her but didn’t think I would benefit from it and was skeptical. My wife’s results after 12 weeks of the challenge were very impressive.
When the next challenge round was about to start I decided I owed it to myself to give this a try. My energy level was low, my clothes were tight, feeling lazy and heading down a bad path which would not be favourable to my health.
I decided to do the challenge with my wife. The first week was tough, exercises were challenging, and had second thoughts but I signed up for this and wasn’t going to quit. After the first week the exercises were manageable and I could feel the changes in my energy levels and starting to feel better. The macros for eating were a little challenging to figure out at first but Jodi and Nick coached me through it.
It wasn’t long I was getting the macros figured out, I wasn’t hungry at all, in fact I was thinking is this right? I feel like I’m eating too much. The exercises were working, I was getting in the groove and feeling better about myself. After a couple of weeks the weight loss was starting to show, my clothes were starting to feel better, energy was great and I actually was enjoying the new routine.
To make a long story short, after 12 weeks I feel amazing. My lifestyle has changed. Eating healthier, drinking more water, sleeping better, and looking forward to continuing on this better lifestyle path. I lost 20 lbs in 12 weeks, three inches off my waist and 2 inches off my neck and the best part, it’s not a diet, I can eat what I want, I just have to fit it into my macros. Wow what a transition. This would not
have been possible without Jodilynn and Nick at Power Up conditioning. They have changed my life. Thank you!"


"Three years ago I was uncomfortable in my own skin. I didn't want to take part in most activities because of how I felt and looked. I was not living my life. Jodilynn and I have known each other for over 16 years and I saw her at a local restaurant one night and we started chatting. She told me she could see I was not myself and could tell I was unhappy. She wanted me to know that she was now doing private personal training at PowerUp Conditioning studio and would love to work with me if it was something I wanted to do. It took me about two weeks to decide to change my life. I had been so overweight for so long I had the mentality that it was easier to just stay that big than it would be to lose all of the weight. Well fast forward to three and half years later, approximately 100lbs down and over 75 inches lost. I still have a good amount left to lose but my life has changed dramatically and I wouldn't have made the changes I have if I didn't have Jodi's knowledge and guidance.

She didn't just teach me the mechanics of how my body works and how to correctly make the "mind muscle connection" she also shared her nutrition knowledge and got me set up on a food tracking app and taught me about tracking macros which I still do today.

When you train with Jodilynn you get knowledge, experience, understanding and fun! I never thought I would be a person who enjoyed working out and lifting heavy weights, and now I'd lift heavy weights everyday if I could. If you are considering making a change in your lifestyle whether it be losing weight, gaining weight, muscle gain; whatever your goals are I couldn't recommend Jodilynn enough.

Come ready to work and have fun! You'll get an ab workout just from all the fun laughs!"



"PowerUp has been my first real training experience in over 10 years. I have always tried to stay active with sports but diet and training have been neglected far too long. Deciding to dive back in and try a 12 week challenge has been great. The macros coaching for food is the easiest way to control nutrition I have experienced. No matter what your dietary preferences are, macros allow you to continue with your normal foods in a healthy way. I did the challenge under the beginner setting and it is amazing to see how much you can change your overall strength and conditioning in 12 weeks. The training and macros together are truly powerful and I do not think either is nearly as effective without the other, whether your goal is weight loss, improving energy or building strength. I have pretty bad back issues and knee problems and was able to complete all the workouts as they are quite low impact and completely adaptable. Can't wait to continue on full time with the program."

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"I have worked with PowerUp Conditioning for a full year now—all virtually. Jodilynn and Funfit Nick are fantastic. They walk the walk and talk the talk, and their enthusiasm is contagious. They have incredible knowledge, and a multitude of experiences to draw on. If you are interested in a better, stronger, fitter, more toned version of yourself...look no further than PowerUp Conditioning. As long as you are willing to put in the work...they will make your goals happen...with so much fun along the way. As a physician and a physiotherapist, I strongly endorse PowerUp Conditioning, and personally will never look elsewhere for my health snd fitness needs. Thanks Nick and JodiLynn!"


"I just finished my second challenge with Jodilynn and Nick. I loved each of the workouts because they allowed me to push my limits every week. The progression is done in a subtle way, but it is very effective! The group support was very motivating seeing all the workouts done by the participants. The weekly check ins, with photos and weight were for me on of the keys to maintain my motivation to progress in the challenge. Jodilynn and Nick are always there to answer questions and give even more with very fun live workouts! If you stick to your plan and listen carefully to the advise of these two exercices geniuses, you are sure to have great results! See you in the next 12 week challenge ✨"



"Wow! Just completed a second 12 week challenge and the results are incredible. The ongoing support and monitoring of the daily program (fitness and diet) provided by Jodilynn and Nick have both motivated and educated me about how to transform my body in a safe, healthy, and most of all, sustainable way. I never would have dreamed I could achieve this...and all from my home! Jodilynn and Nick are awesome! I look forward to continuing my membership at PowerUp Conditioning. 👍🏻👍🏻"

"I have just completed my second challenge with Jodilynn and Nick. My journey with them began last September of 2020. I was extremely nervous as I had been suffering with lower back pain for months. With their guidance and exercise modifications, my back pain improved and strengthened. I also struggled with Fibromyalgia for many years and this pain also greatly improved which totally amazed me. I became stronger and was now able to enjoy more things in life pain free. I am now more aware of my body’s nutritional needs and benefits of staying healthy. A lifestyle change with their guidance has helped me improve my overall self confidence and other benefits such as a lower BMI, blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels. My family physician was also very impressed. Thank you Jodilynn and Nick for your support and guidance. You are the best!"



"I had a wonderful experience. I was skeptical about my ability to stay committed through the challenge, but thanks to Jodi and Nick and their boundless energy, I was able to stay committed even when life got 'challenging'. Not only was I able to stay committed, I actually realized I was having fun and I felt stronger and healthier. I have signed up for a regular membership with Power Up, because I've come so far, I hate to lose the momentum I've gained thanks to Jodilynn and Nick. Great energy, wonderful encouragement and support. Thanks guys."

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