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What Our Cleints Say

"I had a very specific goal to reach in a very short amount of time. I needed a trainer who knew what I needed and how to get me there. JodiLynn was that trainer. She knew when to push me harder, when to encourage or when to simply just listen to me. Even days when I felt my goal was utterly attainable, she continued to be a positive voice and motivator to me. JodiLynn not only increased my physical strength, she helped to push me mentally when I felt defeated and at a loss. She is an amazing trainer and I would recommend her to anybody. I reached my goal and it would not have been possible without her."

 S.M. (Female)

"After having my second child I was having a difficult time getting back into shape. I couldn't seem to shed the pounds until I began training with JodiLynn. So far in the 6 months that I have been training with her, I have lost:
18.5lbs - 16.2 inches - 5.2% body fat - and I'm down 2.7 points on my BMI. I went from a size 16 dress to a size 10... and I'm on my way to an 8! Thank you Jodi Lynn"

J.H. (Female)

I am 55 yrs old and used to work out regularly many years ago. I decided it was time to get exercising again in retirement. I have signed up with Kyle to work out 4 days a week and in just three weeks it is incredible the change and difference already. I never saw such immediate and positive results when I used to work out on my own. Having had back problems in the past, Kyle’s personalized program for me is designed to focus on my core and stabilizers to ensure that the muscle groups that will help protect and support my back are strengthened. I am feeling better each day, sleeping better at night and look forward to my workouts with Kyle. The specialized training he provides and the guidance to ensure your training properly with each workout maximizes your results and ensure there are no injuries. Having a personal trainer along with this incredibly equipped gym is definitely worth it.

J.L. (Male)

I was very hesitant to hire a personal trainer, but this changed after I met Kyle and completed my consultation with him. I completed a few workouts and that was when I knew I was ready to commit. Workouts with Kyle at StayFit Physiques are never boring and there is always something new I learn each day about how my body operates. It has only been three weeks, and I can feel an improvement in my energy levels every day. I have lost weight, gained muscle and my clothes are fitting better. At this stage in my training, Kyle told me that it's a bonus if I lose weight. The program is designed specifically to my goals and in addition, I have also improved my flexibility and balance. Kyle is excellent at explaining the benefits of each exercise and what muscles should be engaged. 

I was never somebody who enjoyed working out or who would commit to a steady routine, but he keeps me going, and I feel healthy and fit because of it. In conclusion, I would recommend StayFit Physiques to anyone who is looking to get in better shape and improve their health, but better yet, learn how their body should and shouldn't be moving.

J.D. (Female)

"I have been training with Jodi for the past few months, and even after only a few months of training, my energy levels have increased. I have already started to see and feel results and overall I feel a lot better about myself.
I have a very busy schedule and wondered if I would even have the time to workout. Jodi and Kyle are very flexible with their schedules and are always able to work with my timeline. There are times that I train with Kyle because Jodi is unavailable and it is such an easy transition even with two different trainers. 
I used to dread the thought of exercising but the relaxed atmosphere, encouragement and motivation from Jodi and Kyle makes me excited to workout.
Even though I am on a specific exercise program, Jodi and Kyle always add something different into my workouts to continually make it interesting and fun.
I highly recommend training from Jodi and Kyle."

K.J. (Female)

When I first considered training with StayFit Physiques, I was unsure if it was for me. After the consultation and my first workout I knew I was mistaken. I went into this thinking I knew my body and what it was capable of. After a few sessions with Kyle and Jodi, I have now reopened my mind and I have been blown away by what I have learned. Not only are the sessions focused on working out your body, but they also ensure you learn the proper background knowledge to why we do certain exercises. Within the first two weeks, I saw the difference in my body and I can definitely feel it. Every week I am able to do a little bit more then the week before and it feels amazing.

C.L. (Female)

Attending the gym in my past has not been great, as I was paying a lot of money for only a few sessions at a time. I had a difficult time staying motivated and even showing up to the gym. I have hired personal trainers in the past with little success and it was never enough to keep me engaged and to continue going. 
I decided to try StayFit Physiques because my co/worker’s daughter was a trainer there. I was introduced to Kyle and Jodi who are both trainers at this Personal Training Studio and our first assessment I realized how bad my posture was and the imbalances I had. I have had a hunched back for over 30 years and they informed me that could change and training would make it better. I will admit, I was a little skeptical, but after three months I started to notice a difference and I couldn’t believe how much better my posture was. I am continuously reminded about proper technique and explained why we do the exercises we do. This dynamic duo motivates and encourages me to new levels and they are both very educated in what they do. Jodi and Kyle are sculpting me a new body and I 100% believe in them and how they design their programs.
I am a LIFER for sure and you should train with them as well, you will not be disappointed.

J.M. (Male)

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