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For ALL fitness levels 

30 Days Stay Active Challenge

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$50.00 for 30 days of training - cheaper than 1 hour of training

Welcome. We are happy you are interested in allowing Funfit Nick & Jodilynn to guide you through staying active for 30 days over the holidays.

This is the LAST challenge of the year, so why not make the best out of the final days of 2021.

Jodilynn and Funfit Nick designed workouts that can be completed on your own time, where you can challenge yourself at your own pace. This challenge will be run through an app and you will receive 3 workouts a week to complete. Each workout will be around 30 minutes long. There will also be an opportunity to take part in LIVE and recorded video workouts.

This app will allow you to communicate with other PowerUp XMAS Challengers and your trainers. Within this group you will be able to share your experience and encourage each other along the way. Everyone is at a different point in their fitness journey, so we will only tolerate positive vibes.

We want you to enjoy this experience, so please do what you can as it's all about staying active and moving over the holidays.

This is a great opportunity to get some guidance from a personal trainer for 30 days. Please note, this is not one on one coaching and if this is something you wish to receive, please visit our virtual memberships page.

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