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  • Class schedule runs until Sept 2 

  • To become a member all you need to do is Click Here    and purchase the Online Wednesday Zoom class option. It is $5.00 a class. 

  • If you prefer a different day and time, please contact us and inquire.

  • Classes fill up quickly, so make sure you reserve your spot ahead of time. (Download the FREE Wix App for the easiest way to track your schedule)

  • All classes are 30 minutes long and use Zoom.

Schedule until Sept 2






6:00 am

2:00 pm

4:30 pm

6:00 pm

Variety Class

  • These are the registered classes offered at PowerUp. All registered classes take place online using Zoom since the Studio is closed.

  • All classes require a minimum number of participants in order to run. We encourage those interested to collect minimum of 4 friends/family members and contact your Trainer Nick for the date and time you are interested in. The maximum number of participants on Zoom is 100.

  • Pricing will change depending on the total number of participants and the number of classes per week you wish to take. The more participants the cheaper it is per person.

Suggested class options

1. BOOTCAMP: Perfect combination of all fitness levels to burn the maximal amount of calories during and after class by doing a mix of body weight, cardio, muscle conditioning and interval training. You can’t beat it, push your body to get your best results.

2. BODY COMBAT: A workout that is energized by martial arts that will challenge you to new movements and powerful sequences that will change you mentally and physically to your better self.

3. DIG DEEP, DRIP and DROP (DDD): Who likes cardio anyway? Well this is a way to dig deep into your cardiovascular system, increase your heart rate to make you sweat out that weakness and rest when you’re done. Get in, get it done, and get out. Dig Deep, Drip it out and Drop.

4. RESILIENT INTERVALS: If you get bored doing the same exercise then this will be the workout for you. It will always be something different and you will be switching movements’ non stop. It is a great way to learn a variety of different exercises and broaden your knowledge of fitness with the proper form.

5. REBOOT, REBUILD, RECHARGE (RRR): This workout is all about building a strong foundation through using Yoga and Pilates movements and combing them with muscle conditioning to achieve your strongest self. You will feel physically stronger and mentally refreshed after this one.

6. STRETCH and REPAIR: Yoga and Stretching has been proven to assist your body and mind with so many benefits in various ways; that’s why it needs its own class. You do not need any background in yoga, you just need to come with an open mind and be ready to treat your body and soul with lower intensity training.

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