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30 Days of XMAS Challenge

$50.00 for 30 days of training - Instead of $50.00 for 1 hour of training

Welcome. We are happy you are interested in allowing Funfit Nick & Jodilynn to guide you through 30 days of workouts together.

This is the LAST challenge of the year, so why not make the best out of the final days of 2020.

Every single day, Jodilynn or Funfit Nick will be guiding you through a LIVE 30 minute workout (via Zoom), where you can challenge yourself at your own pace. If you miss the live Zoom workout, that is no problem, as ALL the workouts will be recorded and you will have access to them through our challenge app. 

You will be added to the private facebook group and this is where all communication will be happening throughout the 30 days. Within this group you will be able to share your experience with other XMAS PowerUp Challengers and encourage each other along the way. Everyone is at a different point in their fitness journey, so we will only tolerate positive vibes.

We want you to enjoy this experience, so please do not get discouraged if your body is telling you that you need a day of rest. If you want to join this challenge and only want to do 10 workouts, that works too. Both trainers want to give you the opportunity to do as many workouts as you can safely complete within a 30 day timeframe.

This is a great opportunity to get direct guidance from a personal trainer trainer for 30 days, that you would normally pay for on an hourly basis.



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