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12 Week Transformation
Starts Jan 10th 2022

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It's not just fitness, it's a lifestyle.

This is how you can kick-start your journey to live an active and healthy lifestyle


1.  Are you down on yourself from 2021?

2.  Developed unhealthy habits that you want to change?

3.  You’ve been working out for a while and hit a plateau?

4.  Always wanted a personal trainer, but could not afford it?

5.  Accountability is something you struggle with.

6.  Have specific goals you want to accomplish but do not know where to start?

This 12 week transformation challenge, is all about YOU, and your own transformation. You are not competing against anyone else but yourself. Nick and Jodilynn are going to look at each person's entire transformation individually (mentally/physically/nutritionally) and provide as much help as possible through the APP to ensure you can maintain the changes and lessons you've made over the 12 weeks.


HOME - based program:

You do not need ANY equipment. All you need is your own body weight and something soft to lay on.

EQUIPMENT - based program:

You will need access to a wide weight range of dumbbells, resistance bands, barbell optional, cable machine optional, cardio equipment (treadmill, elliptical, bike etc.). When using the workout APP it will allow you to sub out exercises if it does not work with the equipment you have.

Different fitness levels? No PROBLEM!

You will have an opportunity when you sign up to decide if you would like the EQUIPMENT or HOME program and what level of difficulty for your workouts (Level 1 or Level 2) for your transformation. All programs will challenge you, the only difference is your accessibility to equipment and your current fitness level. The equipment program will require you to have access to dumbbells and resistant bands, where as the home based program does not require any equipment and can be completed from anywhere.


APP Details
Jan 4th is last day to sign up!

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All your workouts will be available through the app. it has a calendar view, so you can see your overall workout schedule. The app will track your workout history and monitor your workout streaks with the progress tracker. This app can be used from anywhere as long as you have access to wifi/data. There are exercise demonstrations and explanations for each workout. 

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You will be recognized within the app when you make personal accomplishments throughout the 12 weeks. You will receive reminders and messages about how amazing your doing in order to help keep you stay motivated the entire time.

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Throughout the 12 weeks you will be tracking all your meals in MyFitnessPal (free option). This app is recommended if you want Nick and Jodilynn to provide macro coaching. If you do not want macro coaching then you do not need to have this app; however, you will be missing out on an opportunity to gain knowledge for your own nutrition pathway. My FitnessPal app can be synced with the private app used for this challenge.

MFP PREMIUM - not necessary to purchase.

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Nick and Jodilynn will always be accessible through the app for support, so at any point in your training if you need assistance, you can directly message them for help. This is your opportunity to get direct guidance from your trainer for an affordable price.

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Will be completed bi-weekly with your trainer through the app. Your trainer will assist you with staying on track and working towards your goals. The APP allows you to document your current weight and photographs. The app provides a user friendly camera and set up so you can provide accurate photos week to week for you trainer. Your macros will also be monitored to ensure your nutrition is beneficial to your current training plan. Your trainer will make adjustments to your program as needed. Progress pictures are private and ONLY your trainer will have access to see them.

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Share your experiences, stay motivated and be accountable with all the other PowerUp Transformers! You can share recipes, tips, tricks, and whatever else you feel. Nick and Jodilynn will be there to encourage the engagement.

Questions & Answers

Does this challenge provide a complete meal plan?

This challenge does not provide a detailed meal plan as Nick and Jodilynn are not registered dietitians. There will be recipes provided throughout the 12 weeks in the app, but you will not have your food provided day to day. This is all apart of the transformation and your journey, learning what works for your body and what doesn't. Macros allows everyone to learn what is in each food and portion control. It teaches you how to have a balanced approach to your day/week, and avoids any urges for binge eating as you can eat whatever you wish, but in moderation.

How often will my macros be adjusted?

Nick and Jodilynn will provide you with your starting macros prior to the start of the challenge. Your macros will be adjusted throughout the challenge when Nick and Jodilynn feel it is necessary.

Does the app have a tutorial?

Your trainer will send you an email with the link for the app closer to the transformation start date. When you click on the link, it will provide you with the app that you must download in order to complete the challenge. The app will guide you through the initial steps once you log in and you can become familiar with it. The app is user friendly, but at anytime, contact Nick and Jodilynn and they will assist you with your questions.

How many workouts are included and are modified exercises available?

The workouts are accessible in the app and if an exercise does not work for you, there is an option to substitute exercises. Depending on which period of the 12 weeks you are in, it varies anywhere between 4 to 6 workouts a week. There will be a combination of resistance training and cardio.

How often do I check in and how do I qualify for the prizes?

Upon sign up, you will be advised by your trainer when your check in day is. In order to qualify for the final transformation prizes, you must submit weekly photos and weigh-ins. The check ins are all conducted through the app.

After the challenge is over, do I get to keep the workouts?

During the challenge you are able to download your workouts and keep them for yourself. Make sure if you want to keep these workouts forever you are doing this throughout, as the workouts change over the course of the 12 weeks, and once the challenge is over your subscription will expire.

What happens once I sign up?

You will receive a document to download regarding what to do next. It is important to READ the document in its entirety and follow the steps, so you have a stress free beginning to your transformation. This is the exciting part, the anticipation for your transformation to start! We encourage everyone to start changing even before the transformation begins. Our goal is to change your lifestyle, not just your routine for 12 weeks. The sooner you decide to live a healthier lifestyle, the faster you accomplish your goals and create positive change for yourself. Nick and Jodilynn look forward to helping you with your journey, so please if you have any questions, send us an email or direct message via social media.

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