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PowerUp Conditioning

"It's not just fitness, it's a lifestyle"


Creating a fitness community where everyone belongs. A welcoming and motivating environment with the highest level of expertise, helping each individual achieve personal goals. Supporting each other to improve the physical and mental health of everyone.


To be a global leader in the fitness industry by providing innovative, collaborative programming centered on the whole-health and well-being of our community and our clients. We will be known for an exceptional client experience, with the highest quality fitness services.




I have worked with PowerUp Conditioning for a full year now—all virtually. Jodilynn and Funfit Nick are fantastic. They walk the walk and talk the talk, and their enthusiasm is contagious. They have incredible knowledge, and a multitude of experiences to draw on. If you are interested in a better, stronger, fitter, more toned version of yourself...look no further than PowerUp Conditioning. As long as you are willing to put in the work...they will make your goals happen...with so much fun along the way. As a physician and a physiotherapist, I strongly endorse PowerUp Conditioning, and personally will never look elsewhere for my health snd fitness needs. Thanks Nick and JodiLynn!


I have just completed my second challenge with Jodilynn and Nick. My journey with them began last September of 2020. I was extremely nervous as I had been suffering with lower back pain for months. With their guidance and exercise modifications, my back pain improved and strengthened. I also struggled with Fibromyalgia for many years and this pain also greatly improved which totally amazed me. I became stronger and was now able to enjoy more things in life pain free. I am now more aware of my body’s nutritional needs and benefits of staying healthy. A lifestyle change with their guidance has helped me improve my overall self confidence and other benefits such as a lower BMI, blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels. My family physician was also very impressed. Thank you Jodilynn and Nick for your support and guidance. You are the best!


I just finished my second challenge with Jodi and Nick. I loved each of the workouts because they allowed me to push my limits every week. The progression is done in a subtle way, but it is very effective! The group support was very motivating seeing all the workouts done by the participants. The weekly check ins, with photos and weight were for me on of the keys to maintain my motivation to progress in the challenge. Jodi and Nick are always there to answer questions and give even more with very fun live workouts! If you stick to your plan and listen carefully to the advise of these two exercices geniuses, you are sure to have great results! See you in the next 12 week challenge


As your trainer, I will provide you with the most complete, exhilarating, and exciting experience there is. Contact me today at and I will guide you on the right pathway to attain your goals.                


Your Trainers

Better known as, FunFit Nick. Growing up on the tropical island of Jamaica, Nick has always been in tune with his body, playing sports and studying martial arts at a young age. 

He became a fitness instructor in 2006, and for thirteen years he developed a passion for living an active and balanced lifestyle. With his curiosity, devotion and will power, it lead him to travel across the world and realize he needed to advance his expertise and became a personal trainer.

His experiences teaching around the world, along with his background in the entertainment field, allows his classes to have an extra edge over other instructors you may have experienced. He is constantly researching and learning new fitness trends and strategizing innovative ways to execute them with his clientele. 

We asked Nick, what fitness and health means to him?

"It is building a relationship between the body and mind. Finding the inner strength to do whatever it takes to make one's self mentally and physically healthier".

FunFit Nick

JodiLynn's passion has always been fitness and working towards maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Her positive energy and determination will help you accomplish what you have in mind for yourself. JodiLynn has many different areas of expertise and is ready whenever you are. Do not waste anymore time, and contact her today to start your fitness journey. If you want a better understanding of who Jodilynn is and what she has to offer, you can visit her YouTube channel ......... ...............  and checkout her free online workout videos. Subscribe now to "Turbo Time with Jodilynn Online". You will not regret it. No equipment is needed.



Aka JoJo Turbo. JodiLynn is the Co-Owner, Personal Trainer, and Fitness Instructor at PowerUp Conditioning Studio. JodiLynn has been certified since 2009 with the International Sport Sciences Association, and Canfitpro in order to begin her passion as a fitness professional. 

JodiLynn started her career at a fitness facility within the City of Peterborough and then decided to take on the role of an entrepreneur and open her own fitness studio in January of 2017. The years that JodiLynn worked at a public gym, she realized there was something missing in the fitness world. Those who do not have the confidence or just do not like the feeling of being watched while in the gym, do not have the private space to accomplish the same goals as those who are willing to be in public and workout. This is why JodiLynn decided to open PowerUp. It is a private studio for personal training and small group fitness classes so you will never feel judged or starred at by strangers while you put your head down and work towards something you have always wanted. 


What's Offered

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Private Personal Training

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PowerUp Studio

We are all about fitness and all about fun here at PowerUp. Find your inner strength and improve your everyday, because there...

"Ain't no party like a workout party, cause a workout party don't stop" N.W.




Peterborough, ON, Canada


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